Honor. Courage. Loyalty.

Fealty with Love, Bravery with Courage, Treachery with Vengeance.

AMC Industry and Technology Division [AMC-ITECH] is the main trade, research, development and production subsidiary of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums [AMC]. Our vast network of cutting edge factories, research centers, shipyards and production hubs are equipped with some of the newest and most sophisticated technologies available.

When not fulfilling AMC's Military Contracts, we are available to fulfill the production needs of private contractors, Factions and other Governments across the Galaxy. As a neutral Production Faction we are not saddled by the hardships that the Galactic Conflict has imposed on other manufacturing organizations. That keeps production costs down and shipping lanes open which means that you will always get the best price and the fastest service.

Datacard Rentals are always available. For more information about Rentals or to learn more about AMC-ITECH's services or products - contact Proconsul Shri Bacca directly.

As the production arm of AMC, we live by the same code of honor and loyalty above all else. If you have what it takes and you have an interest in a career in research, development and production then join the ITECH team! Your future awaits!

Leader of AMC-ITECH
Prefect of Trade, Exploration and Commerce
Preconsul Shri Bacca (Click to DM)