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Fealty with Love, Bravery with Courage, Treachery with Vengeance.

Through Diplomacy, Strength is Gained

The Alliance of Mercenary Consortium's signing of a Non-Aggression Pact with New Republic brings added stability to The Bacca Consortium and allows for a bolstering of AMC’s Main Battle Fleets.


[AMC] Consortium I-Class Star Destroyer Flagship "Kashyyyk's Revenge" exits hyperspace and moves to take up a position with other AMC Ships as a large and powerful Battle Group is formed to protect AMC's assets and to increase its sphere of influence throughout the Galaxy.

The Bacca Consortium’s Governing Tribunal concluded that the signing of the NAP between AMC and NR will further stabilize their position in Kashyyyk and therefore free up the bulk of the Bacca Consortium’s ship and vehicle fleet which can then be transferred to AMC’s Main Battle Fleets. As one of the founding charter members of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums, the Bacca Consortium has regularly transferred ships and vehicles into AMC’s Fleets but this will represent the largest and most powerful transfer of entities since AMC’s inception. A portion of The Bacca Consortium’s Fleet will remain in Kashyyyk to monitor that Consortium’s holdings there but the remainder, once their insignia and designations are transferred to those of AMC’s Fleets, will need to be moved from New Republic held territory as part of the agreement in the Non-Aggression Pact. Many ships have already be sent to a Staging Area in neutral Trade Federation Space as our Embassy there has made arrangements to allow for a fleet of this size and strength to be housed within its borders while awaiting final orders for deployment from AMC High Command.

[AMC] Victory I-Class Star Destroyer Flagship "Kashyyyk's Messiah" is scheduled to come out of hyperspace in a few days and take up a position along side her sister ship in AMC's growing new fleet.

The centerpieces of this Fleet are mainly composed of captured Imperial entities which date back to the days of Imperial control of Kashyyyk. The atrocities committed on Kashyyyk are well documented and resistance to Imperial rule gained strength over time. History records the Black Forest Massacre on Kashyyyk as a lopsided victory for The Empire, however, the truth of the battle is well known to the Bacca Consortium which was founded in that struggle and who had several impressive victories over Imperial Forces during the conflict. The spoils of those victories included Sentinel-Class Landing Crafts, Star Galleon-Class Frigates, Ton-Falk-Class Escort Carriers, Carrack Light Cruisers, a Lancer-Class Frigate, a high command Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle, a Victory I-Class Star Destroyer and even an Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer along with numerous support ships, fighters and ground vehicles. These entities were renovated, re-outfitted and re-purposed to serve in the Bacca Consotrium’s own Fleet. They have served faithfully for over a decade in that capacity and at times have even once again brought their guns to bare against their former masters.

The Bacca Consortium Fleet, played a role in The Battle of Kashyyyk by independently attacking Imperial Forces during that struggle. Victorious independent actions such as these as well as the obvious role that New Republic, the Fallen Federation and the Trade Federation played in defeating the Empire’s Forces on Kashyyyk allowed the New Republic to wrench control of the Planet and eventually the entire System away from its Imperial clutches. After the battle, the Bacca Consortium preferred to remain neutral and focused solely on the protection of Kashyyyk itself, fearing that they had potentially traded one over-lord for another. Those fears were quickly set aside as the New Republic proved itself vital in the restoration of Kashyyyk and allowed the Bacca Consortium to operate independently in its controlled territory. Through trade and diplomacy, the Bacca Consortium was also able to add additional restricted tech to its arsenal through deals with the Trade Federation as Lucrehulk-Class Battleships as well as Super Battle Droids and Destroyers became a mainstay of the Bacca Consortium’s fighting force.


Both the [AMC] Lucrehulk-Class Battleship "Poseidon" and the [AMC] Lucrehulk-Class Battleship "Prometheus" join the new AMC Fleet.

As is well known, in time, the Bacca Consortium then branched out from Kashyyyk and first joined with the Mercenary Guild Government. With the break up of that guild, it then joined with other powerful Mercenary Groups and formed the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums. That coalition is stronger than ever and has even now added Production Factions and other groups to that Alliance. Never forgetting its ancestral Homeworld, however, the Bacca Consortium's main Fleet remained in Kashyyyk until now. With its position secure and diplomatic ties between AMC and NR strengthened it is now time to transfer the bulk of the Bacca Consortium’s power to the Alliance itself and make AMC’s Battle Fleets some of the strongest in the known Galaxy. Few galactic fleets can boast the firepower and the vast array of ships, vehicles and droids that now fight under the central banner of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums.

The [AMC] Ton-Falk-Class Escort Carrier "Corregidor" and the [AMC] Ton-Falk-Class Escort Carrier "Ticonderoga" have been loaded with The Consortium's diverse array of Starfighters to carry the fight to enemy wherever that need may arise.

Long live The Consortium!

Fealty with Love, Bravery with Honor, Treachery with Vengeance

Proconsul Max Ameeno Baca

Prefect of Defense

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Posted in Consortium News on Jan 30, 2018

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