Honor. Courage. Loyalty.

Fealty with Love, Bravery with Courage, Treachery with Vengeance.

Triumvirate Council
Legion Medical Corps Diplomatic Corps ISS (Intel & Security) Salary
High Command
High Marshal Classified
Commander Classified
General High Apothecary High Ambassador Director Classified
Colonel Shadow Trooper Classified
Major 5,000,000
Captain 4,500,000
First Lieutenant 4,250,000
Lieutenant 4,000,000
First Centurion Apothecary Ambassador 3,500,000
Master Centurion 3,250,000
Staff Centurion 3,000,000
Centurion 2,750,000
Corporal Medic Envoy 2,250,000
Lance Corporal 1,750,000
Private 1,250,000
Hoplite Cadet Medical Cadet Diplomatic Cadet ISS Cadet 500,000