Honor. Courage. Loyalty.

Fealty with Love, Bravery with Courage, Treachery with Vengeance.

Here at Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums we are constantly recruiting new legionnaires into our ranks to grow our numbers and improve our ability to get the job done. We look for inexperienced and elite soldiers alike and aim to help them grow and prosper. Boasting a staff of experienced trainers and deans recruited from other academies, AMC has some of the most experienced training staff you could hope for.

Due to the nature of AMC moving members of the AMC Legion to other branches as they open or to new divisions as we bring more territory into the fold, we hope to groom each and every member of our academy and those who skip it, to their fullest potential so as to ensure the future of AMC is a great future indeed.

With work in all sorts of fields, apply today and find your place within AMC!

Head of Recruitment,
Dean of AMC Training Academy
General Dain Thurith (Click to DM)